Tali Irony

The purpose of my paintings is to turn to people emotions. The best respond I wish to get to my paintings is that they are touching, moving.

My painting are about common, daily situations. In some of my works, the background is full with details, while in others the setting is quite schematic, one way or another - the world outside intensifies the inner world.

My work usually start with a song - something like Hartmann's painting inspiring Mussorgsky' s suite "Pictures at an Exhibition", or Van Gogh's "stary Stary Night" inspiring Don McLean's song "Vincent" (but in the other direction - my painting is inspired by music). The song influences the painting's content and atmosphere. The songs can be played here under the "video" tag along with the making-of proccess.

 Website :  http://www.tali-irony.com/

    FB :   https://www.facebook.com/tali.irony

    FB :  https://www.facebook.com/taliironyart/

    Email :  tali.irony@gmail.com