Tiki Mulvihill

Canadian Tiki Mulvihill, born in Calgary Alberta, earned BFA and MA Degrees at University of Idaho.  Regional activities extended her roles as artist. Her subsequent diverse career included art/dance instruction, curating and coordination of art education.  Mulvihill provided impetus for experimentation in multi-disciplinary collaborative and community-based activities.  Her MFA (University of Calgary) furthered varied art connections.  Recently, Mulvihill’s collaborative art-ventures led to co-founding Art is Land Network, a Vancouver Canada-based collective involving usage of natural re-purposed materials within landscapes.  Also recent residencies within Alberta, Scotland and Sweden invoked Mulvihill’s intra-disciplinary approaches to unique sites.  She exhibited multiple installations and sculptures in Canada, USA, England, Scotland, Sweden and Italy. 

Artist Statement

Multidisciplinary artist Tiki Mulvihill incorporates sculpture, performance and audio in site-generated installations. Although currently situated in Vancouver, Mulvihill sees herself as a reluctant nomad, moving throughout adult-life between rural and urban communities.  This transience generates an ongoing dialogue within her studio practice where she teases the supposed truths we construct in our conflicted relationships with place. Mulvihill’s work, constructed of natural and repurposed materials, is realized through pseudo-scientific research and development.  It expands through viewer interaction and engagement to bridge the gaps between imaginary and actual; between fact and fiction. Her work voices contradictions of belonging in disparate environments where humans respond to ‘place’.

Website: http://tikimulvihill.com/Tiki_Mulvihill.html

MAD Gallery Milano:   https://www.madgallerymilano.com/tiki-mulvihill 

FB:  Tiki Mulvihill, in Facebook