Timka Szőke

My name is Timka Szőke. I'm a Hungarian artist. I was born in Budapest - Hungary.

I studied in Secondary School of Visual Arts, where I studied sculpture. Then I studied stainedglass design and enamel design in Simultaneous Fine Arts School. I graduated in Metropolitan University's Art faculty as graphic designer in 2013. My versatility unfold in illustration, lead glass design and photography. Nature is rich in various colors, shapes and materials, in which we find so many possibilities. It is almost incomprehensible, indescribable and inexplicable, the fact that we exist in it. There is always an amazing feeling about how each element of nature is intertwined. I attempt to give this feeling back to my pictures. I had always of various surrealistic ideas, tales, legends, mythologies.

As a child I was looking at classical illustrations with great admiration. The stories have always drawn me into drawings, like a black hole in the solar system. With a very small head of a child, I decided that I would deal with this as an adult. As time went by I did not give up my dream and I persisted. 

I'm always open to new things, experimenting, I like to acquire new knowledge that I can combine in my works. When I studied lead glass design, it helped a lot in knowing this profession for the birth of a variety of new ideas. I made several stained glasses style pictures, because the beauty of this art industry was very impressed. I find it stunning as these solid, fragile, thin materials form a particular scene or figure, and the light that's filtered through it makes it magical. 

My artworks are inspired by the antique art trends, most notably Renaissance, Expressionism, Baroque, Symbolism and Art Noveaou in addition the cartoons and comics. I like to combine old styles with new trends. My characters carry a natural, special beauty. I love to display the facial mimicry that I spice with natural charm in my works.  Because the grimace is special in every face, which tells playfulness, shyness and honesty about their owners, therefore I like to use my some pictures. 

I also like dreamy childish themes that are both visionary and realistic, facile, more cheerful. Whether it is a fictional fantasy world where anything can happen, we can be anyone and we can go anywhere, because nothing is impossible.

I work in pop surrealistic style. The classic, natural beauty characterizes the characters of my artworks.