Tomaz Favilla

Award-winning Artist, Tomaz Favilla was born in Rio de Janeiro, raised in London and now resides in São Paulo, Brazil. His works have been shown in Berlin, Sao Paulo, New York and London amongst others. He has also founded the international Collective,  Tomaz states that "the city has had a huge impact on his creative process and credits “this basin of human ‘progress’, this metropolis of 22 million people, this labyrinth of streets and buildings where concrete co-habits with the tropical climate…” with the inspiration for creating his stunning new media works of art which underline his belief that “nature always finds a way to be heard, seen and felt, no matter how much asphalt we use…”All images of his current work start with an original photograph, which is then digitally edited. His work delves deep into image manipulation, in a pursuit to blur the lines between Digital Art, Fine Art and Photography. 


Instagram: @tomaz.favilla

FB: facebook/tomazfavilla