Tuuli Meriläinen

Tuuli Meriläinen 1992 Lieksa, Finland. 

I am very interested on the roe deer’s physical frailness, while my interested in wolves is around their actual fragility; they are tough and strong animals but because of fear and hatred they may cause in Finnish hunters, Wolves are now-a-days an unprotected specie. Illegal hunting occurs and now they have become endangered; the Wolf is a very misunderstood animal and an essential part of Finnish fauna, so, it is of great deal of importance for me to create awareness around this subject. 

In my collage I experiment with different colours and pictures. The pictures in my collages are of great meaning to me. They are from diverse and special origins and capture unique occasions, something I could not do with painting alone. 

When it comes to colours, I try to remember the combinations that I found in nature. I like to integrate some strong colours but only when this allows the painting to still convey calmness instead of a restless atmosphere. My method is based on trial and error. Sometimes colour combinations can be really bold and I often paint on top of my old paintings leaving layers visible. 

Webpage: http://tuulimerilainen.portfoliobox.net/