Ursa Schoepper


Nothing is as it seems at first sight, everything is in process and thus in change. The Reality is inexhaustible. © Ursa Schoepper 

Ursa Schoepper developed autonomous photographic fine art works that exist as a virtual reality in a realistic reality. A photographic image is generated through algorithmic grammar into an autonomous work of fine art photography. It is a transformation of real objects into abstract objects, the transformation of the concrete into an abstract art work, an abstract autonomous photographic artwork, in the best sense a visual disturbance, a shift, an unmasking and release of past visions and ways of seeing and viewing. 

Ursa Schoeppers photographic artworks represents the inherent not yet. Photographic material seen as a process matter. According to Ernst Bloch matter is always matter in process, and the urge to forward a not-yet carry within themselves. A new and innovative technology, such as the digital image capture and image transformation allows, as a deliberate offensive action the creative process. It is no longer primarily a technical feature, but generative instance. 

Contact: schoepper@virtuelleDenkraeume.de

Website: www.virtuelleDenkraeume.de