Vandana Nittoor

Vandana Nittoor is a painter and writer living in New Jersey who describes art as a means of defining her place in the world while discovering the world within. 

Growing up in Bengaluru, India, as a child and as a young woman, painting and writing remained her hidden passions while she trained to be an accountant by profession. Years later inspired by her young daughter, she re-discovered her love for the arts and pursued an education in it at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, in Philadelphia. She has since remained committed to honoring and providing expression to the artist within and has shown her work in New York and Philadelphia.

Vandana Nittoor is also a published author and a blogger.

Artist Statement

In her paintings, Vandana Nittoor, seeks to capture a moment of stillness and quiet in her subjects.

She views a person’s consciousness as an interwoven web of feelings, thoughts and sensations that encases the true essence within. It is through the process of painting, that she seeks to capture that essence, which comes through only when the body is still and the narration of the mind is quieted. 

Her paintings are accompanied by her writings that describe her encounter with her subjects and her interpretation of their inner dialogue. It is this combination of brush and pen that makes her works unique.

She usually starts and finishes her paintings in one sitting, revisiting them only for some final touch-ups if needed.  This method of painting is intentionally employed as she seeks to capture the experience in a given moment of time. 

She picks her subjects from a broad range of regions and cultures, as she is consistently intrigued and inspired by the commonness of what it is to be human across cultures. 

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