Wayne Charles Roth

Artist, Wayne Charles Roth is part of the changing landscape in the art world. His work represents the blurring of the traditional art world boundaries substituting technology and new materials for traditional paint, brushes and canvas. 

Wayne was born in Rochester New York. He graduated with a Masters Degree in Fine Art from Rochester Institute of Technology. Educated as a classical painter, photographer and designer he became interested in computer technology in the 90’s.  He felt that technology allowed him to create art that was a truer reflection and expression of the time we live in. 

Wayne’s art is in many private collections and he exhibits in the United States and Europe regularly. He recently completed multiple commissions for an art collector in the UK and is currently working on a new series that is sculptural and adds a new dimension to his work. He has also created “art” pianos and furniture for select clients and collectors. He is represented by three gallery’s and is currently showing at the World Art Dubai fair.

He wants his work to appeal to viewers on different levels, from sophisticated art collectors to everyday art lovers. Wayne wants his viewers to be surprised and dazzled by what they are experiencing when they experience his art.  By using today’s technology he can create art that truly reflects how we live today.