Wojciech Chechlinski

Wojciech Tut Chechliński, is a polish painter artist, for decades building his own world vision by referring to the viewer’s imagination. He started to paint when he was 7 having first contact to Paul Klee painting (Warsaw 1959). Chechliński as a child was surrounded by artistic traditions. His parents had a huge respect for artists and little Wojciech was a frequent visitor to the museum. He was fascinating of Klee’s way of painting. For some time he even tried to imitate Paul Klee by moving colored spots into watercolor paintings. That was the first – watercolor period in Chechliński’s artistic life. During that time he was learning to see the world and move what he see and feel to a paper.

Chechliński was a sociologist by his education. Few years after graduation and work episode he moved to Zakopane, where he started to deal with painting more intensively. He started to work with oil paints, which also began the second period of his artistic life. Hi resigned then from abstraction for more synthetic way of showing the world where color and shape are significant and on the other hand the detail is overlooked as insignificant for emotional expression. The last few years are the third and also the last period of his work. Painting mostly in oil technique he inspires life, its meaning.

Each of his paintings carry a certain story, some views, subjective assessments that the artist present as a riddle of the viewer. Chechliński works show his very intimate world. For many years he has concentrated entirely on his work which is an essence of his life. His painting, formally close to the achievements of cubism, abstractionism and art brut is characterized by wide range of colors, creative synthetism and smaller scale of deformation. His images can be seen, among other in Warsaw, Krakow or Zakopane. He lives and works in Warsaw.

Website: http://www.tut.waw.pl/

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