Young Min Choi

Young Min Choi

b. 1984 Seoul, Korea

I was, I am, and I will be at certain time and location at each moment throughout my life. It has been almost 33 years of various times and locations. Such time and location are coordinates that prove my being by objects (including figures) existed around me at that place and at that moment. My existence is proven by other people, objects, surrounding environments, and time. Time never comes back so each moment is unique. Environment slowly changes through time so they work together. Objects around me are not originally planned to be there for my art but they are just there with or without good purpose. Unplanned existence is perfectly sincere, just like a pebble sitting by a river. Accordingly, “encounter” is sincere. We all have had experienced different times and locations until an encounter happens. An individual exists independently but dependent on other individual(s) to prove its own being. We communicate with each other in many ways to understand each other’s being. Sometimes sensing each other’s silent existence can communicate louder than a well spoken speech. I paint those unplanned beings I encounter that prove my time and location. It not only proves the physical existence of me, but also implies the metaphysical emotions of each moment. Physicality is what we see on the outside and metaphysical nature exists inside of each being. There is a wine glass in my studio that someone gave me, and I naturally think about that person whenever I use that glass. A guest who enters my studio and uses the same exact glass will not share the same exact emotion I feel. We cannot see, touch, smell, hear, or taste one’s thoughts but we know that we can sense the metaphysical nature of each person. On the surface of my works, spectators will see a finished painting(or unfinished to someone), but each painting is an artifact of a small history called “I”. I only see what I can see and others are objects around me. Same logic applies to other beings and that is the essential beginning of the relationship. We all start from knowing “I”. Multiple “I”s will form “We”. Furthermore, it will form a complex structure called society. I focus on what I see and what I feel to record the objects that naturally exist around me. There is no special reason for this activity. I am only willing to prove my being through this process only because I will. I paint them as I feel at each moment, and my paintings will quietly exist at the spectators’ sight, and hopefully an inexplicable communication happens between them. Sometimes a moment of eye contact can initiate something that thousand words cannot do.


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