Zephyra Vun

Zephyra Vun is an internationally recognized visual artist and designer from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She is the Founder + Owner of anARCHI design, a multi-disciplinary design and art studio in Winnipeg’s Exchange District, participating in architecturally inspired art projects, and curating various interactive, public art events and exhibitions. She is also the Executive Director of Design Quarter Winnipeg, an innovative initiative aimed at promoting authentic, local retail and design culture in Winnipeg, creating a curated experience of its walkable downtown core. 

Vun attended the University of Manitoba from 2005 - 2011, graduating with an Environmental Design Degree and Masters of Architecture Degree. Vun is an ambassador for accessible art and design. She strives to advocate public engagement with design and art through all of her multi-disciplinary work, as a reaction to her critique of contemporary design culture, and its insensitivity to the public realm of non-designers. In addition to practicing inclusivity and transparency in her work, Vun also emphasizes the importance of hand-crafted authenticity in today’s digital age, and preserving originality and character throughout the creation process. 

As an architecture graduate, Vun possesses a solid understanding of the importance of hand-crafting and drawing, but is also acutely aware of the current dependency on digital media. Vun believes the declining relevancy of hand crafting in the contemporary arts and design industries negatively affects how art is perceived, putting little emphasis on the importance of quality and originality. Working with the hands and implicating them in the creation process forces a physical interaction and engaging process with the medium with which one works, facilitating a more insightful understanding and a better illustration of concept. It enables the creator to generate more provocative, authentic work that is humanized. Only when working in this manner is the process of creation inevitably revealed - an often overlooked aspect of design, that which focuses mainly on the nal product. It is this relationship between engrossing hand-rendered work and the consequential uncovering of creative processes that inspires and de nes Vun’s artwork. 

Vun de nes “architecture” as designed structure, which is informed by two negotiating forces - the premeditated and inadvertent, or the objective and subjective. Though there is always purposeful intent in designing architecture, unintentional and/or unforeseeable responses to a design are what further adapt and explicate it. The relationship between these two forces present in architectural design is re ected in, and is what ultimately shapes Vun’s artwork. The action/reaction of methodical construction and intuition is the approach she takes 

to each piece. Her work is characterized by conscious line work (indicative of Vun’s architecture education), contrasted yet complimented by gestural, expressive strokes. These two energies engage in constant dialogue
to create works of art that are deliberate, yet liberating; purposeful, yet raw. Apparent in both her expressive, more abstract acrylic paint on canvas pieces as well as her signature renderings of imaginative, labyrinth-like architecture, and merged 2-dimensional maps and 3-dimensional built form, it is these oscillation that ground Vun’s art of various mediums, simultaneously revealing the process of creation in the nal piece. Vun’s method of working always yields artwork that depicts a story of how it materialized. 

Vun’s ultimate intention is to incessantly and rigorously investigate the diverse meanings of architecture, while simultaneously disclosing the creation process as a prominent feature. Architecture is a mysterious topic of
study typically con ned to a singular de nition, the designing and building of environments, despite its extensive breadth and diversity of applications - “designed structure” being pertinent to a plethora of creative disciplines, art forms, and everyday scenarios. Vun aims to expressively and imaginatively explore these alternative perspectives of architecture through the subjective context of visual art. 

Website: www.anarchi-design.com

Facebook: facebook.com/anarchidesign

Instagram: @anarchi_design

Twitter: @zephvun