Aleksandr Naledin

Aleksandr Naledin born in 1986 in the family of the painter. In 2011 received master's degree of architecture in the Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Since 2011 working architect and painter. Participated in Russian exhibitions of modern art. Live and work in Moscow. "All my work I perceive as a diary in the form of illustrations. I'm trying to tell about those events that seemed most relevant. The source is reality which is all around. In my understanding this is not a message, but simply a conclusion, a summarized sequence of those events, which I observe and occasionally take part in";


1.1 "Alice.Images and Lewis Carroll's paradoxes"/St.Petersburg/V-Concept gallery/2014;

1.2 Annual All-Russian competition for young artist "The muse to the work"/St.Petersburg/Art.Muse gallery/2016;

1.3 Personal exhibition "Time of a big clownery"/St.Petersburg/Art.Muse gallery/2016;

1.4 "Works on paper"/London/The Brick Lane Gallery/2016;

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Instagram: @Aleksandr_ Naledin