Anna Rosa Pelayo - Amaitée

Anna Rosa Pelayo.  Amaitée.

 She was born in Guadalajara Jalisco on the 30th of March of 1960. Graduated from the School of Architecture of the Autonomus University of Guadalajara (UAG) (1978-1982). 

She imparted classes in the school of architecture for 5 years. Besides teaching, her work experience was in construction companies where she developed design projects.

She holds a diploma on Visual Arts Appreciation endorsed by the INBA. 

She has taken specialized courses to contribute to her formation and learn new pictorial and sculptural techniques. She is an architect by formation and a plastic artist by passion. Restless and curious, rather than a seeker she finds answers that guide her through diverse paths, adding complementary topics that give sense to her life and lead her to the path of self knowledge and internal life. She studies what can be felt rather than seen, she transits since years ago through the path of meditation and different disciplines to connect and interpret the internal world. 

To translate the symbols and her dreamlike word in shapes and colors. 

She has participated, both nationally and internationally, in diverse individual an collective expositions, in cities such as Guadalajara, Mexico City, Puebla, Veracruz, Guaymas, New York, Milan, Rome, Madrid, Cordoba and Malaga. She has also participated in numerous charitable auctions.

Her work has been chosen for the first international biennial of San Luis Potosi, México and the biennial of Milan. 

She olso holds the  International Prize of Nations. Tribute to Tiziano, the International Prize Raffaello, the International Prize Giulio Cesare, International prize best modern and contemporary artists, International prize Caravaggio, International prize Botticelli, MADS Critics award, International prize Velazquez.

Instagram: @ar_amaitee

Twitter: @Amaitée

Facebook: Amaitée