Bo Song

My name is Bo Song (송보경 Song, Bo Kyung) I was born in 1968 Seoul, Korea. I currently living and working in Unjung-dong, Korea. I had the pleasure living in several countries namely New Zealand and United States. I graduated from Oakland University of Studio Art in Michigan, USA in 2016 and I studied in Dankook Graduate Art School in Korea in 2017. 

My Journey as an painter began in the summer of 2012 at a humble age of 44. What was a simple delight in a hobby let to discovery recognition by professors. Taking the paint blush in my hand, this epiphany drove me to immerse myself into the artistic world. When I begin oil painting, the canvas became “meditation.” for healing my mind. 

I created my works depending on my environment. I have always been fascinated with colors, and above all, I am attracted to the charm of the expressing the vitality of life through them. I showcase my art through the concept of energy from natures and the human spirit. Everything that is alive brims with beauty, and that which lives is ever moving and changing. 

I layer colors and shaped in a spontaneous process based on intuition rather than planned sketches or drawings. I enjoy experimenting colors with “colors” and “shapes.” I painting using bright, rich pools of unmodulated colors in various subject matters. Indeed, my imagined scenes and painterly brushwork indicate my ability to make paintings without inhibition. 

Since 2017 as a Buddhist, notions of karma and zen are present and clearly visible in my paintings. I also frequently draw upon the concept of the ancient mandala, a circular symbol in Buddhism and representative of the cosmos. I often incorporate circles and spheres into my works, signifying the connected nature of past and present. 

My painting works help me to become more empty, or distant than before. In order to preserve this, I would always practice paintings just as fish are always awake. It makes me to become to state of being for me. I would like to paint as an ascetic would, fully immersing myself and enjoying every state of the practice. 

First solo exhibition in Gallery IS, in Korea (2018)
Participant of group exhibitions in Paris, New York, and Spectrum Miami (2018) Represented Artist by Agora Gallery in New York ( 2017) 


Instagram: @bo.songg