Jonatan Alfaro

Jonatan Alfaro / Costa Rican / Visual Artist 

In my paintings, the contrasted colors, colliding head on, reign supreme. In delicately expressed, tenuous settings , I let things appear. They are evocative settings, which can be associated with the landscape, although it is a personal landscape, fractured and torn, in which we see intriguing openings. They are like a fleeting punctuation that opens up onto unknown panoramas. In these we see architectonic deviations that allow us to perceive corners and far-off, complicated settings. I seek out these transparencies in my paintings: in tears in space we contemplate other dimensions that would appear to be constructed, delicately, subtly, I orchestrate them, in some parts denying them, suggesting them in others, whispering to the spectator of the fragile, but not for that weakened, balance of this world. 

Sensations of color turned into an event, a gesture and a supremacy of pure sentiment: Isn't that what abstract art is about?
I currently live and work in San Jose , Costa Rica.