Kat Kleinman

Kat Kleinman is a floral collage artist from the Sacramento, California area. She began her career as an artist in 2016, after she retired as a psychotherapist, working with homeless people for 20 years. Her past work is referenced because it does inform her current work with a focus on positivity and making people feel better, if only for a moment. 

Kat specializes in floral collages, because the individual flowers combine to create a new and cohesive form, reflective of the healing process. She takes her own photographs, with the only exception being the occasional gift of a flower photo from a personal friend. It is important to Kat that she use her own photography, because it separates the integrity of her work from those who use more impersonal internet downloads as a source. Each flower is hand cut, a process she calls meditative, and a single collage may require dozens of individual blossoms. 

Kat is enthusiastic about the potential for color to positively influence emotions, ultimately leading to better relationships between people. She describes herself as saddened by the self-centered rhetoric expressed by current influential leaders, and she is dedicated to creating art inspired by compassion, meditation and right action. Her work has been featured in books, and Kat has participated in major art shows in San Diego, Orlando, and New York. Her artwork is recognized internationally, and was most recently seen at the Shibuya Station Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan. 


Art allows me an avenue to express my hope for the world. I am a collage artist, focusing on floral compositions, because flowers symbolize my enthusiasm for using color to bring about large-scale positive changes, starting from within. 

The photographs I use are my own, except for a few I have received from personal friends. They are never downloaded from a website. I take pictures of flowers everywhere I go, and being alert to the presence of a blossom initializes the intention of my work — to make people feel better, if only for a moment. I often use dozens of flowers in a single work. It is a process I find meditative, and a quality that carries over into the execution of the work. 

The beauty of a floral collage represents healing, because fractions of color combine to create a new cohesive form. I am saddened by the self- centered rhetoric expressed by current influential leaders, and I am dedicated to creating art inspired by compassion, meditation and right action. 

Website: https://www.katkleinmanart.com/

Email: kat@katkleinmanart.com 

Instagram: @katkleinman

Facebook: Kat Kleinman Art