Marisa Piló

Marisa is a Visual artist, from Portugal, Nazaré, here normally lives and works.
In 2014 complete a MA Fine art in Escola Superior de Artes e Desing (ESAD), Caldas da Rainha, in Portugal, and recently 2016 she Complete
a Graduate Diploma in Contemporary Study Art and Curator, in Universidade de Lisboa Faculdade de Letras (FLUL). Since 2007 she has been participating in National collective exhibition around Portugal, and in the current year she starts participated in Artistic Residencies in Portugal and North America. Marisa is a multidisciplinary Artist, your creative process covers various means of artistic expression, despite revealing a close rela- tionship with sculpture, and photography. 

My creative process covers various mediums, from sculpture to illustra- tion to photography, but I’m particularly drawn to sculpture and common objects. I often de-contextualize objects and assign them new languages and expressions. I create moments when an object can provoke in the viewer a feeling of surprise, and stir their own imagination. To create such reactions in the viewer, I am always exploring new means, new tech- niques, and new ways to combine objects and make them “uncanny”.
One formal aspect that I like to explore in a sculpture is the play of
light and shadows, transforming solid material into something more transcendent, such as through the use of mesh to distort how light reaches an object, or through photography, in which the exposure time can transform the body of a sculpture.
My process is unconscious and spontaneous, and while I use a variety of materials and methods, each body of work is linked by recurring formal concerns and subject matter.