Art is a mirror that shows not only the spectator but also it’s surroundings in space and time.

An artist is a door, a gate, a vicious storm and an eye.

A player of senses.

Myths are a way to examine phenomena and human. Science gives me the symmetric perspective needed in order to shape the colour and line to a beautiful whole. Religions I see as a form of poetry.

I’m somewhat rebellious and I strive to exercise the attitude by settling methods. I believe suppression is useless in the face of equality and that all negative labels can be purified. This thought makes me either an idealist or a utopist. I defend sexual minorities and I’ve made art for a civic elderlies’ home. I also respect the pluralistic nature of culture.

My main format is oil colour on canvas. The tension and precision seen in the works are related to the vitality experienced. Naming the paintings are part of the process, and I enjoy multidisciplinary references.

I experience myself as an experimental shapeshifter when it comes to art-making. A painting is a quirk, an accident which’ influences are often seen in delay.

 For this reason, I like to emphasise the spectator’s, be it an art-lover or a critic, responsibility in the interpretation process. Art doesn’t happen in objects, but wavers between the creator and the receiver.

In the same space where the muse breaths.