Woo, Younghee

Busan National University, School of Fine Arts Education, Western painting major (1982-1986)

Currently Represented by Agora Gallery New York

Group Exhibition

2018 The Rich List Art Weekend (Yas Viceroy Hotel, Abu Dhabi)

2018 Collective visions in Abstraction & Figuration (Agora Gallery, New York)

2017 Invitation Exhibit of Contemporary Female Artists – Modern Day (Eulsukdo Cultural Center, Busan) 

2017 BIEAF 15th BUSAN (Nakdonggang Cultural Center, Busan)

2016 Hundred Artists, Hundred Colors (Gallery Haeun Art, Busan)

2016 The 2nd IEE: International Environment Exhibition (Yukyung Art Museum of Haegumgang Theme Museum, Busan)

2012 I am your consciousness (Gallery Suka, Busan)

Solo Exhibition

2018 Where am I (Gallery Livein, Busan)

2017 FRACTAL – the interaction of chaos and order (The K Gallery, Busan)

2015 The Profound Eyes (Gallery Mikwang, Busan)

2014 Delusion – over and over (Art Center of Haeundae, Busan)

2013 Alter Ego projected on Animals (Gallery Mikwang, Busan)

2012 The Gift (Soul Art Space, Busan)

2010 Another bittersweet piece of life (Chaes Art Center, Busan)

Publications and Media

ARTisSpectrum. November 2018.

“The Garden of Dreamscape Delights: A Conversation with Younghee Woo”. Art-mine.


“Morning Gallery” Kookjenews. September 2015.

“Sublimated Life Through Rough Brush Strokes” Busanilbo. June 2012.


Artist Statement

My work is based on the philosophical sense of life and death. It is the story of generation and extinction, for one exists as an extension of the other. During life time, we engage in organic relationships with the creations of nature. I empathize with them, and project my ego into them. Sometimes the form of evolution appears in my work and so does the mysterious being of unknown. The objects in my paintings are metaphors, and I like to leave these symbolic narratives open to interpretation. I hope the viewers of my paintings can appreciate the nobility of life, live fiercely and passionately, face the afterlife with grandness rather than fear, and even enjoy the futility of disappearing things.

E-mail : tunkun226@gmail.com

Website : https://tunkun226.wixsite.com/wooyounghee/clients

Instagram : woo.younghee